bathroom cladding

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By simple definition, a cladding is a covering on a material which is used to provide thermal insulation, weather resistance, decoration and improving building structure appearance. Cladding as an outer layer of the building parts like the bathroom needs to be well taken care of with the best materials. Previously, traditional building materials like the clay or brick, concrete, wood and tiles were used for bathroom cladding. Bathroom cladding made from the chemical known as polyvinyl chloride PVC has more quality than other type of wall claddings used. It is also proven that the installation of PVC cladding is done at ease. Unlike other bathroom claddings, PVC cladding can be fixed on both the smooth surface and hard or uneven surface. You can get the best bathroom cladding materials in one stop bathroom and cladding shop. It is the largest United Kingdom suppliers of bathroom paneling. To contact us, visit


  • Easy and fast installation:

PVC panels are developed to be easy to use. It is easy to cut polyvinyl chloride bathroom cladding into distinct sizes. There is no need for any expertise in installing it thus you can do it yourself. This feature always saves you a lot of money. In generally, PVC bathroom cladding is the cheaper substitute for tiles.

bathroom cladding

  • Water resistant:

PVC panels are commonly used for bathrooms and kitchens cladding as they are resistant to moisture. This bathroom cladding is also used in the basements, garages, bedrooms, living rooms, and other part of the house.

  • Budget friendly:

It is budget friendly when you compare it with tiles. Apart from the less monetary aspect, the PVC bathroom cladding saves time and work during the installation.

  • Hygienic Provision:

One stop cladding shop bathroom cladding materials are hygienic to use for bathroom wall covering and other part of the house. It is also easy to maintain the neatness with washing up liquid and warm water.

  • Recycling:

The recycling of the PVC bathroom cladding is 100% possible. One stop bathroom and cladding shop panels can be recycled in any plastic recycling company.