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Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the most commonly used Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform among the people. It’s a great tool and probably the best image and picture editor that you can get today. Photoshop provides both basic and advanced features to edit any picture. This is the reason why most of the photographers, graphic designers, and animators use the platform to create their desired images and pictures.

This software can help you improve a good picture into a brilliant picture with some small tweaks and minor adjustments. It’s the reason why all the photographers and aspiring photographers must know Photoshop basics to post-process their clicks and turn them into majestic images.

Here are some of the most important Adobe Photoshop skills that every photographer must know:


This is one of the most important things that a photographer must know about. Most people tend to think that cropping an image is only needed when you want to prepare it to print. However, cropping is an invaluable feature that lets you correct a picture and even create an entirely new composition. The crop tool present in the Adobe Photoshop gives you option to either drag the image to crop it or you can also switch to the classic mode of cropping an image.

Brightness and contrast

These are probably the most important factors of an image. The brightness and contrast of an image define how good it looks. This is why every photographer must know Photoshop basics of using the brightness and contrast tools present in the software. These tools are very easy to use and you can learn using them in a few minutes. However, you need to make sure that you use these tools carefully as overdoing it can have an adverse effect on the image.

Curves and levels

The curves and levels tools in the Adobe Photoshop basically provide you an advanced option of adjusting the brightness, contrast, and colors at specific areas. Unlike the brightness and contrast tool that lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of the whole image, the curves and levels tool lets you adjust brightness and contrasts at some targeted places. This tool might take some practice and patience but it’s an important tool that every photographer must know about.


Color saturation of any image defines how good or bad the image is to the human eyes. Increasing saturation of an image makes the colors pop and gives a great feel to the image. This is why it’s an important skill to know how to control the saturation of an image. Remember, overdoing the saturation can make the image unreal and unpleasant, which is why you need to be very careful while using the saturation adjustment tool.

These are some of the basic Photoshop tools that every photographer must know about.