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A lot of people think of artwork as a way of passing on desires, and not usually language, the means by which we state beliefs. Regardless of the line there is distinguishing art and language, Banksy canvas art paints over it to see it fade away, then covertly repaints it in the weirdest of places. His pieces, whether he puts them on public buildings, reveals them in galleries, or displays them in museums covertly, are filled with imagery morphed into metaphors that cross every language and culture. But who is Banksy? We might not know his actual name, but his art is unquestionably the product of a talented individual. His refusal to be interviewed face to face or even to divulge his real given name has grown his charisma over the years. In the United Kingdom Banksy-lovers allege to know the artist’s actual identity on a reasonably consistent basis. While he has been captured on cameras occasionally, he is sharp enough to keep his identity a mystery.

Banksy Canvas Art prints are fantastic and hilarious, yet so straightforward and clear that even kids can hit upon the gist in them: even when six-year-olds don’t get the first thing regarding culture, they have little hassle observing that something is amiss when they are shown a drawing of the Mona Lisa carrying a rocket launcher. The majority of creative people can be neurotic, decadent snobs utilizing imagery for their own catharsis, but Banksy separates himself from his painting, using imagery to instill the emotions of displeasure and distrust of authority that everyone can face once he prompts them to ask themselves “what does that mean?” If it drives people to feel as well as consider, he has accomplished his goal.

Just as controversial as his methods are Banksy’s take on the art community at large. He has been known to deride other artists for their decadence and “inferior” art techniques. He has even had a go at the individuals who buy Banksy canvas art.