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If you work in the motor trade business on a part time basis as either a trade or hobby, then we can offer for your part time motor trade insurance requirements. A second occupation upsurges income, but while your part time job is in the motor trade business, there are a few negatives that you just have to deal with.

Reduces a lot of the risks

Not knowing how much you would earn in a month is perhaps the main concern for you. Whether you purchase and sell cars, repair them or otherwise, being a part time motor trader derives with greater obligations, for example, stocking up on spares, keeping costly tools and leasing a garage. Ultimately, you get to a point wherever your main occupation does not leave adequate time to run a part time trade, and you are forced to create a tough choice of whether to drop your part time gig otherwise take it on passionately.


Our part time motor trade insurance decreases a great deal of the risks that you take by keeping two jobs. We cover everything from your tools plus apparatuses to your garage, customers, and staffs. Essentially, the insurance policy comprises anything you requisite to run your motor trade industry on a part time basis, as well as when you are prepared to work on a full-time basis, we can aid by therefore modifying the strategy.

We Make the Procedure Easy

One key necessity from any insurer is evidence of your motor trade industry. Many underwriters tend to oversee motor traders on a part time basis as well as do not consider them except they offer sufficient proof of the nature of their trade. And even then, you may have to face refusal because of your risk profile.

The only things we requisite from you to start talking through our partners are receipts of bought parts for repairs, advances or receipts for the sale plus purchase of cars. We need transactional proof that you are certainly involved in the motor trade business. If you can furnish the essential receipts, we can construct you a modified insurance plan that is exclusive to the nature of your part-time motor trade job.