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In this day and age of tremendous media coverage and the influence of internet all over the world has resulted in more numbers of celebrities than ever before.  We all are fascinated by these celebrities. The media houses find a great deal of interest among the audience and the readers about the lives of these celebrities. A celebrity can be from many different fields. Be it actors, Athletes, designers, politicians, rappers, models, businessmen or even internet sensations. We are always curious about their lifestyles. How they go about their business, where are they holidaying during the summer or at times we also want to know just how rich are these celebrities. If you too are greatly influenced about a particular celebrities or many of them and want to know more about them then the following link will provide all that you want to know and more

Here are some of the things that this website will tell you about:

Net worth:

As mentioned before we are always very interested to know how much these celebrities earn and how do they spend it. We are awed by the kind of goods and estates that they buy and we too want to know how much these things cost them. Therefore this websites has many articles relating to the net worth of almost all the celebrities around the world. This also helps you to compare the net worth of different celebrities as well as helps you to understand how they earn from different businesses apart from what their primary profession is. This also gives a good idea on how to invest large amount of money to make maximum profits.


Celebrities can be a great source of motivation for all of us. There are many examples of celebrities who have made it large after starting out from a very ordinary background. There are many articles on this link ( which talks about what celebrities did before they became famous and how they worked regular jobs like you and me before they became big. This gives hope and determination to many people across the globe.


We know most of these celebrities are very rich. However, it says a lot about an individual who donates a lot his income towards the greater cause of a better world. There are many articles here which talks about how some celebrities are also great philanthropists and which causes they support.