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It is a physically present hosting server with fully dedicated resources such as process cores.  It is formally divided between many websites. This type of server will host limited number of customers, contrary to the sharing hosting servers which can accommodate over a thousand. With the limited awareness of such kind of hosting server, providers tend to take advantage of this. Its provider’s advertise the service in one of the three ways:-

  • A steady and a reliable version of shared hosting.
  • A hybrid of shared hosting and VPS.
  • A hybrid of VPS and dedicated hosting.

Prestashop HostingSemi-dedicated servers can is extremely beneficial but you must be aware of its benefits and drawbacks.  Let us look at some of its benefits:

Advantages of the semi-dedicated servers

  • Since a server is split between different owners, its overall cost is divided, thus benefiting small business owners.
  • The host will provide dedicated resources to each site that is present on the hosting server. This confirms that none of your resources are being used by your neighbours.
  • These hosting servers are characteristically used on higher performance hardware. Hence, it is vital to ensure reliable reserve allocation to its lodgers.

A reliable web hosting company can play a major role in the success or failure of the technology based business.  Despite good quality content and strong business model, if your business is not hosted properly, it will not reach your customers. Also, there will be frequent downtimes, thus leading to the loss of business and customer trust. Prestashop aids you in storing and management of your website content by security your website.  Using a good hosting service, you can be confidently connected to your customers and earn business.  You can beat your customers with the snap of a finger.

Prestashop hosting can provide good VPS hosting company and many more as it has many hosting companies as their partners.  So, linger no longer and get yourself the most reliable semi dedicated server from Prestashop hosting to ensure you get the service that was promised to you.  The company is known for its honesty, reliability and strong customer service.