Artificial HGH

The HGH or human growth hormone has become popular in the recent years as the ultimate anti-aging treatment for one and all. HGH, found in the body helps children and youth grow both metabolically and bodily. This substance gradually reduces with age. Many believe it to be the cause of aging. So could the consumption of artificial HGH actually reverse age?

artificial HGH

Scientifically, we don’t know. However, users of HGH pills and shots claim that it actually has revitalizing effects. It has been proven by users that HGH reduces wrinkles and makes them feel more energetic than before. HGH is also used by gym-enthusiasts and bodybuilders to build muscle and mass. How effective or ineffective the drug is, in the long run, is yet to be determined.


HGH deficiency was first diagnosed after World War 1. The diagnosis led to the demand for HGH as a drug or medicine. This is how HGH came to be known and the need for it surfaced. Medical researchers of that time attempted to extract HGH from animals. The attempt succeeded but it didn’t work well in humans. Later, an American researcher, Maurice Raben extracted HGH from the pituitary gland of cadavers.

This turned out to be successful and worked effectively in humans. This was believed to be the best hgh. Even though the amount that was extracted was very limited, the fact that it helped was meticulous. Later though, a serious drawback was discovered in use of the HGH as the patients developed Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. As a result, the drug was completely ban and doctors stopped prescribing them.

Artificial HGH

HGH was later developed synthetically in 1991 by Genentech from the Roche pharmaceutical group. This product was determined to be safe and effective. Since synthetic production turned out to be both easy and abundant, patients with HGH deficiency could now successfully be treated.

HGH in use today

Today, HGH is becoming a popular drug amongst people. It is widely available both commercially and medically. It is best, however, to take your doctors advice for the best hgh. It is even better if you can avoid the HGH and rely on your own body and diet to stay healthy.