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The Internet user sends his inquiry to the server of the VPN provider via an encrypted connection called tunnel. It forwards this request to the destination page on the Internet but misses the user with a new, anonymous IP address. The big advantage: everything that comes from your computer is in this secure tunnel and is not visible from the outside – passwords or the address of a company intranet, for example. Thus VPN is best suited to surf in the open WLAN of a cafĂ© or a conference. For this, you as a user must send your data to an intermediate station, the VPN provider. And you have to trust him to keep your data for yourself. The VPN provider knows who you are and what interests you on the Internet.

If you are surfing over a public WLAN hotspot, a malicious user could cut and analyze all data traffic. A VPN tunnel creates an encrypted connection (VPN) into another, trustworthy network through which all data packets flow. There are a number of free and paid programs and providers – from free tools (or variants) like Hotspot Shield, Tunnel bear to paid solutions such as Cyber Ghost VPN or PC-WELT Anonymous Surfing VPN. Or you can rely on your own network at home. When you create an encrypted VPN connection, you have the additional advantage that you can access all of your enabled computers and other network devices. Check VPN review on

How does a VPN tunnel work?

You always set up a VPN as a point-to-point connection from a client to a VPN server: You need the IP address of the VPN server as well as the access data for the VPN. The VPN server can be your own router or a computer in the home network, the client is the smartphone or notebook that you can populate with the appropriate VPN app. You can use the onboard devices of Windows, Android, and iOS, or choose from numerous free VPN tools such as open VPN. Similarly, it works when accessing the office network: Here you get mostly from the administrator of the company the access data and a suitable tool.

But which of the dozen providers should you choose?

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