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Some of the researchers in schizophrenia field are not that much sure what actually causes this kind of complex illness. Although most of the people believe that this is mainly caused by some factors like environment and genes, by predicting the schizophrenia problem using some optical illusion test can help to predict that too. Still, there are many theories about the cause which includes, brain chemistry, heredity, complication during the pregnancy period, and some abnormalities within the brain.

And most of the scientists are still learning more and more about the brain chemistry and the relations of that mainly for the development of schizophrenia. They all have known long which as inequality in some of the interrelated chemical reactions of the brain that are related to some neurotransmitters dopamine which plays important role in schizophrenia. This neuro transmitter is the term which has been used for the substance which enables the brain cells of the human in order to communicate with each other. And moreover, there is some difference between the brain of the illness person and the healthy person. We can find the huge difference with these two brain system.

The brain activity of the people with schizophrenia will have less form of gray matter, and some of the areas may also have either less or more activity. But originality will be missed in the person who is affected with the schizophrenia problem. Malnutrition or some of the complications during the development in the womb of mother and during birth may also increase the possibility of the children in order to have the schizophrenia when they get older. And also, the traumatic experience among the person may also boost the great risk of having schizophrenia later in their life. Some scientists even believe that many events which happen to the personal life of the person may even trigger the schizophrenia. The people who are already having some genetic disorder will be at risk than other people. so, the one and only thing we can do is through finding the physician to undergo the test.